New Theme is Now Live!

I’m happy to announce our new site design is now live! This is the first time changing the site design after 8 months since started Hardware Sphere. I hope this new design could be more readable since I am using the Left text alignment instead of the justify alignment. To see how’s things has changed, I’ve attached the following image:


From the homepage view, things has changed from the left sided post listing to the center. In the old theme, I used homepage and single post view on a separated files and layout. But later I found some disintegrity and slowness between them, so now you will get the same layout for all of the page which help much in loading the page faster.

To make things short, here is the new features in this brand new theme:

  1. New Logo – More Solid and Blended with the background.
  2. Dynamic header background – will change on certain events (e.g. Valentine, Christmas).
  3. BreadCrumb link at the top left corner – to guide your out of the maze.
  4. Advertising spots – one at header, 6 thumbnail size spot at the sidebar.
  5. Top Post with Thumbnail image listing.
  6. Deal Zone at the footer to show our weekly deals from Amazon, eBay and other Merchants.

Then here is the new features in the post permalink view:

  1. 5 Stars Rating System – Rate each post from 1 star to 5 stars.
  2. New Bookmarking / Sharing Widgets at the end of each post.
  3. Link to Post made easier with the right-click-to-copy button.
  4. Similar Posts with Thumbnail images.
  5. Trackback and Comments separated in the comment section.

I hope you would like them. The theme is still in beta testing, so if you’ve found something weird happening while you browse through your browser, please kindly email me the link and what browser version you are using.

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  • Congrats, it looks great! Very professional!

  • Hi Robert, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will enjoy your stay in this new skin. :)

  • I sure will! :)

  • very professional and clean. i also like the deal zone at the bottom :)

  • Congratulations on the new design. It’s nice to see the before and after shot so that you can compare the two.

    The new design looks great.


  • Hi Pearl. Thanks! :) That’s for promotion purposes so I can earn enough fund for my morning coffee and cookies. 😉

  • Yes, I feel it’s necessary to make a comparison so reader can find what’s has changed and getting the whole view in just a sec. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, hope you’ll enjoy this new design.

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