Amazon Kindle 2 is Coming Soon

Amazon announced that they are going to have a press conference on Feb 9 at Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan about the pre-release of Amazon Kindle version 2.

Yep, that’s a rumor but still a good news for those who haven’t get a hold of Kindle as your personal e-reader. And it seems you can’t make any order of the current version of Kindle even you head to


Your order is expected to be delivered next 4-6 weeks. I guess the one you’ll get will be the version two. But there still no further information about it.

Kindle is a great book reader that allows you to download new books through amazon whisper technology (EVDO) or access to whole lot of media such as newspaper, magazine and books (there are 250K of them now). You also can access to your favorite blogs with Kindle.

The new version is expected to be able to fix the existing bugs, such as the accidental page turns (reported by BGR).


The new version is having a body remake as well. It’s now come in a longer dimension, thinner, and getting a USB-interface treatment as well. Which mean the Kindle 2 will need no more separate charger to power up and recharge the battery for portable uses.

(via CrunchGear)

UPDATE: I found is selling Amazon Kindle 2 right now. I’m not sure if it’s fake or not. But buying from the external source other than is pretty risky. I recommend you to not making any purchase before hearing the official news from Amazon.

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