Cutest iPhone Stuff – USB Flash Drive

A tiny little rubber iPhone USB Flash drive is on the show and currently a hot buzz on most of gadget blogs right now. It’s not about the cheap rubber material that interest us, it’s the iPhone thingy that has been properly branded that seized my attention and actually notice how the rubber make “fun” of the iPhone true design.


Two white dot with a smile lines at the center, and the pink button at the bottom that looks like a sexy lady lips. Moreover, when you flip the USB out from the rubber shell and plug into your laptop, it looks like the rubber is lying down there comfortably like sun-bathing at the beach.


Something sad to hear is this cheap rubber, no, I mean the Rubber iPhone USB flash drive is only available in Taiwan. The basic dimension is around 21 x 42 x 11 mm and weight for 10g only. The price is still unknown. You can find more information from the translated pages of the merchant site (Bone Collection).


One good news is, the Bone have some listing in eBay. So let’s hope they would list this iPhone USB Flash drive in their Bone Collection soon.

(Source: Craziest Gadgets via Walyou)

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