Brilliant Camera Lens Calendar for Photographer

In the last year of 2008, photographers’ were spoiled by the Camera Lens Mug where they can sip their favorite beverage inside a custom made lens mug to show their level of addiction to photography.
And now once again, they’ll get spoiled badly with another maniac photography gadget, a Camera Lens Calendar to helps them in-focus of their day and life!


Funny really, to see someone who get so devoted to one thing and one thing only. Getting a mug calendar might be useful, especially for those who love to climb deep into the forest or mountain to take the heavenly scenery. But I guess it’s only for those who really devoted into photography would get this “abnormal calendar”. :)

Though there is no worth on both pricing and whether it use battery or not, I suspect it to be having a automatic date updating system from certain type of power source. Whether it’s battery or solar powered, it will just do fine. And I think it will still hot selling even though it’s a manual calendar. :)

Photographer just can’t hold this temptation because it’s looks so cool and enough just to be a decoration on their desk or car.

(Source: Yanko via SlipperyBrick)

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