LoveTrainer: Guide You to Have a Better Sex [UPDATE: It’s HOAX!]

UPDATE: Okay, It’s HOAX guys! This product never exist. So this is some type of false information / prank. See the comment for detail. Instead of removing, I’ll just marked it as HOAX or FAKE. The actual product image is obtained from Dr.Itami’s FitTrainer at I’m here to tell you that LoveTrainer Never Exist in the first place!

It’s funny for me to think that human needs gadget to have a better sex, but that’s the future of us, maybe?
LoveTrainer, a gadget that looks like a headset, will be worn on couple’s ear each time they want to make love. My question is, is this necessary?


LoveTrainer will play music and guide you through the make love stages and it will then make comments base on the state of your heartbeat. Sounds silly to me, but maybe useful for beginner or new wed couple who’s still “virgin” about making love. Oh well, It’s another weird Japan technology anyway… But I think it will be a hot stuff this Valentine. Well, I’m just guessing here.

(via DVice)

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