The Polar Bear by Propaganda

Global warming and the situation around the north and south pole has inspired Chaiyut Plypetch from Propaganda to design such a “Pityful” Polar Bear standing on a piece of ice floe while looking at the sky to wondering about its safety.


It’s basically a double-duty gadget that will become a good drain stopper and a cup lid to keep your beverage clean from dusts and to keeps it warm. But this type of design can’t stop me from thinking it’s not a mere gadget for our bathroom or kitchen utensils. It’s more like a “sign” to keep ourselves aware of the tragedy happening to our beloved Earth because of our own stupidity.


I can say, Chaiyut Plypetch has done a great job to using the figure of a “pityful” polar bear to make ourselves aware of the worsen global warming situation and take some part to save the world, one step at a time, begin from our own circle of live…

(via Mocoloco)

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