Icon WristWatch – Simplicity is Expensive

Icon wristwatch is imitating the pixel-style icon similar to your computer icon. I found this wristwatch design really simple, both in the color blend which is only black and white, and the simplicity in the rigid style that fully exposed the edge of the “pixel”.


There is nothing cool such as symbol in this Icon Wristwatch. Purely blank, even the needles are looking rough and bold. I think it really suitable for those who envy simplicity and stright-forward lifestyle. But this type of simplicity is somehow “expensive” in my perspective. Normally, simplicity means affordable in some way. But $75 for such a blunt and bold wristwatch is kinda out of reach.

But when you wear it on your wrist, you’ll immediately feel and see the value start to show up. It looks retro and somehow it blend well with your skin. Furthermore, you’ll get immediate attention from the public that you are wearing something uncommon yet simple…


Conclusion? It’s expensive, but the value of simplicity inside this wristwatch has surpassed the price. Worth a note on your wish list if you happen to need a new watch on your wrist. :)

via WalYou

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  • chris

    where to I purchase an icon watch?

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