Speak-er the Speech Bubble Speaker available soon!

Sherwood Forlee’s concept is going to be a dream comes true. So, cheer up Sherwood Forlee! :)

Well, what I mean is the Speech Bubble Speaker – Speak-er that I have covered some moment ago.


The origin idea page is at Yanko that I thought it end up for centuries to be realized and materialized. Well, all my guessing are wrong and you’ll be able to get this Speak-er for $120 around this year (unknown yet).


Speak-er are high-qualtiy multimedia speakers that plug directly into your computer or MP3 player.
Construction: Polished white ABS housing with matte black steel grille.
Dimensions: H 4 x W 6 x L 2 inches per speaker.


If you are interested in this Speak-er, you can begin to pre-order them at thinkofthe.com.

Thanks to Robert at GeekAlerts for this news tip!

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