Weird Tech: Tomb with QR Code

It’s really a fresh news for decorating Tomb with QR code technology. Now in Japan, this type of technology has become available for $10.000 a tomb for the deceased.


The technology is intended to help family to keep in touch with the deceased by a single scan using mobile phones on the QR code attached to the tombstones to acquired the photos and other important information about the one that lying peacefully there. It’s pretty similar to the W-41 techshirt which allow you to get the social identity by scanning on the logo on the shirt using mobilephone.

This technology is implemented by Ishinokoe, the QR-coded tombstone maker. The QR-code is place inside the lockable stone door and only unlockable and scan-able by family with the correct key. But 1 Million Yen is certainly not for the middle earner could afford! I expect the price of the tomb will get lower as the time flows and it will become one of the “trend for the deceased” to seal their information with them, digitally.


You can see some of the QR code in action at Ishinokoe site.

(via WeirdAsiaNews)

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  • Hi Guys –

    This news is a year old (see QR Code from The Grave) !!

    Keep up to date on the interesting developements with QR Codes at QR Code and 2D Barcode News

    – Roger

    • Hi Roger!

      Thanks for your update. It seems we have found something new from the past. :)
      Well, it certainly fresh for me anyway. Thanks for your link to the last year resources. really appreciate it! 😉

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