Fifth Gallery of January 2009

Another week has passed and this is the most exciting week for me since this blog got a new design and I was have a Chinese New Year festival with lots of fireworks and crackers! :)

The About me page and Subscribe page also up in this week. I haven’t had enough time to craft that pages since the first post landed on this blog, so it’s really a great relieve to see those two pages are up now.

Now you’ll know who am I, and how to stay in touch via several social media. You would also get to know the benefits of subscribing to HardwareSphere, and what exactly a RSS feed is! I hope the article can help you understand the RSS technology and assist you out of the maze.

There is also a new feature here for the link-love purpose and to dig more information for you in case you are staying at home spending time browsing the web for the entire weekend.

A new theme header for Valentine will also up on this 1th February. Well, everyone knows February is the romantic month. So, perhaps by adding some supportive images background, I could pull more of your attention and stay a little longer around HardwareSphere? 😉

Well, let’s stop the chat and let’s see what you’ve missed this week through the following gallery:

Okay guys, Have a nice weekend! :)

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