Double-Duty Mosaic Folding Chair

Our life has become so compact and will keep becoming more compact and practical in the future. Everything will turns small, mini, portable and mobile. Maybe our future will become like the “City of Ember” Movie, where human size also turns small! :)

Well, it’s funny to think of the future with most of the thing become so convenience. I guess we need to thanks to designers in this field to keep inventing stuff to assist and easing our life.

Thanks to them too, they now invented a double duty furniture, a chair to be exactly, that could be act as your resting spot or use it at your room divider.


The Mosaic Folding Chair is a statement made by the use of conventional materials in an unconventional manner. Thanks to new methods of tile prefabrication, the seat of the chair, made from mosaic tiles embedded in silicon, can act in both tension and shear supporting the user.

The aluminum frame is designed to fold away to a sliver allowing for not only easy mass manufacturing but also elegance in design.


The latest creation to catch our eye is the ‘Mosaic Folding Chair’ by ODA-Architecture. The frame of the chair is finished with conventional materials like aluminum that not just makes it light in weight but elegant in design as well.

The seat of the chair is made of mosaic tiles embedded in silicon, the latest method used for tile prefabrication, which makes it sturdy as well as comfortable to sit on. When not in use, the chairs can also be folded and lined up as a divider for your room.
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