Pandoras Box – Coolest Projector [FAKE!]

If you have read about the bed-time story of Pandora’s Box, you will know the box is a damned box that sealed all of the bad stuffs. But it’s different with this version of Pandoras Box by Michael Flückiger.


The only way to understand how cool this Pandoras Box is by watch on the video. Why video? Because picture can’t describe this coolest projector properly. Watch it and you’ll understand:

Although the video is short, you can figure out something from it:

  • First, the projector is a little black box that is smaller that a barebone computer. It’s not only small, it looks so light since the man can shake it single handed.
  • The next one is the projector can project thousands of alphabetic character and each of them have their own waypoint and animation to do. This is cool as if there are thousands of dedicated lens projecting the movement.
  • The projection result is very clear and allow you to read clearly visible text on the dark background.
  • Last but not least, the transitions effects of opening and ending is extremely cool! :)

It certainly the best mini size projector I’ve ever seen so far. Big Applause for Michael Flückiger!

UPDATE: Okay, I have to say that I’ve been tricked by the animation. This stuff is not a projector, and I believe Michael will laugh at me but I don’t care. As long as it’s cool, It worth the mention. :)

Thanks, Justin! Thanks for the help to clear the confusion. 😉

(via Made in Mundo)

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  • justin

    The box is not the projector. It is a movie being shot onto a wall by a proctetion screen. You can see the letters flying onto the back of the guys head and back even tho he is behind the box. Im afraid you have tricked.

    • You have a great observation! :) Yes we have been tricked by the animation. Great eyes you have there. We’ve updated the post. Thanks.

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