WaterCone: Extremely Cheap Solution to Water Purification

Each time I hear about water purification system, most of them will involve lots of money to spend and large devices to install. But now we are presented a WaterCone, simple yet practical cone shape device that is using the power of the nature to produce the purest water out of dirt water.

So what is WaterCone? Check out the following images and video to know more:



It’s basically a primitive intelligent with new wrap. But I’m glad it’s now unbreakable even you stomp on it. The only down side is the time to heat up the water to obtain the water. It will be a pain to wait for hours to wait for the water boiled and getting the water drop by drop.

A little suggestion: My suggestion is to install a solar powered heater at the plate so we will not have to wait for the entire evening to drink a litter of pure water! :)

(via EcoFriend)

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  • Nice gadget, this will come in very handy in the third world where pure clean drinking water is so hard to come by.

  • Yep, better than nothing. But will not become a good gadgets if it’s in winter or cold season. Still, adding a solar panel heater would be helpful 😉

    Thanks for commenting, Mike!

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