Martin By i-Bride Design – Unique Animal Shaped Furniture

Everyone will get boring on things that stay the same, all the time, from house to house, from room to rooms. What I’m talking about is the shelves for your books. Which always stay the same. But after meeting with “Martin” by i-Bride design, my perspective has changed! Now looks at this “expensive” furniture, I know the rooms can be unique again!


Martin is the mule! The brand of this furniture, not a name of a person or the designer. In the picture above, the mule’s burden is a working place or a secretaire and you can use the animal structure as an additional storage. But watch out, this furniture is only for those who highly valued weirdness. And make sure your neighborhood also share the same mind. If not, someone might want to call you “weirdo”…

(via DesignMilk and LikeCool)

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