Samsung Introduces P3 MP3 Player

Samsung introduce three newcomer to tease gadgeteer.

Samsung P3 MP3 Player

Samsung P3 MP3 Player

Starting from Samsung P3 MP3 player, and two Digital Camera the WB500 and ES10. But from those three new gadget, I found Samsung P3 more interesting. It featured a ratio 16:9 widescreen video player with 3-inch touch-sensitive screen for several purposes.

It also have studio-quality audio player, FM radio tuning, voice recorder and photo album to manage your snapshots. It’s interesting to see all of those features are stored inside this 1cm thick only MP3 player, I think it’s more than an MP3 player now. I should call it a PMP instead.

Samsung P3 is available in two basic color, black and silver, and available in two capacity of 4GB and 8GB.

(Source: VR-Zone)

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