Valentine Month: What is the Best Gifts?

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Okay guys, now we have arrived in the most romantic month where couples are going nuts to find something meaningful for their other half to express how BiG their love is.

Now this is a hard question, What is the best Gifts for my lover?!

I was laughing loud just now looking at splash image at their header. They thinks “Flowers are Lame!” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been for ages and decades people using flower as the easiest and “romantic” gifts for their other half in Valentine’s Day. But I think it’s somehow ‘outdated’ or maybe it’s ‘expired’ idea to make your lover happy now! :)

Well, It’s time to think on something more fresh and a little bit hi-tech and forgot all about the flower. Or perhaps you can still use the flower idea, but upgrade the idea a little bit further. But I don’t teach you how to spend your Valentine’s Day here in Hardware Sphere. I will only help you find some cool, romantic, unique and worthwhile hardware and gadgets that probably will give you some idea about how to spend your day or some cool and romantic gifts for you lover.

So, you may have noticed that I’ve fully changed the background of HS into the Valentine’s Theme with some count down timer to let you know how close you are with Valentine’s Day. The image will last until 15th after Valentine. You may use it as your notifier and at the same time you can get some benefits by reading stuffs from our Valentine topic for this February 2009.

I will also releasing a gifts guide for you in case you need some fast solution on gifts idea. The content is expected to be available in the next two days. So stay tuned and if you want to make sure to not missing a single gifts idea, subscribe to our RSS feed or browse through our subscription options here.

UPDATE: I decided to remove the bg image since some user said they can’t load the image properly. Probably due to some unknown CSS errors.

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