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Eurocom D900F Phantom i7 Gaming Laptop with Core i7 CPU

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Eurocom has released a ‘monster’ gaming laptop with the latest strong Intel Core i7 processor attached. The laptop also have a fairly high specification such as the 8GB of RAM, 1,5TB of Hard drive storage and GPU/Graphic Card with up to 1GB VRAM.


The Graphic Card is still a question whether Eurocom want to use GeForce 9800GTX, Quadro FX 3700, or the latest rumor about the G280.

Eurocom D900F Phantom i7 gaming laptop also have a quite good battery (12-cell battery) and other features that comes along are 1.3 or 2MP webcam, Blu-ray writer, card reader, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, TV tuner and so on. But there seems no information about the existence of HDMI and HD stuffs on this Eurocom D900F Phantom i7.

(via Techfresh)

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