Orb Audio Intros Stylish Speaker System

Orb Audio, the speaker systems manufacturer recently add a stylish, yes, really stylish ORBs speakers installed at a long handcrafted diamond-shaped steel tube with some stylish curve for a better look.


Our new TOSS floor stands (Tubes Of Sculpted Steel) are the perfect combination of original Orb design and great web-direct value. With a gentle curved profile, and diamond shaped steel riser, the TOSS floor stands are elegant and unique.

And, like our award-winning HOSS floor stands, TOSS is proudly 100% made in the USA. By utilizing state of the art technologies to reduce the amount of steel and labor required to make each TOSS stand, we have been able to design and produce TOSS at a lower price point and without sacrificing design, quality or beauty. Compatible with Mod1 and Mod2 speakers.

Available in Solar Black or Ice White. Speaker wires hide inside steel riser and underneath laser cut base for a great looking installation.


A set of this Orb Speaker will cost you $218 + shipping cost. If you have spare money to spend, you might want to try on them. But I don’t have a clue about how the sound quality is.

It seems the focus of this speaker is on the design instead of the audio… Well, anyone who have this pair of speaker, please share us your opinions about it.

(Source: OrbAudio via SlipperyBrick)

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  • ppalooza

    I have owned a set of these speakers for about four years. They are awesome! And for the price, they are even more awesome. Google for reviews and you will find pretty consistent high marks for these speakers.
    I just moved from a condo to a house and currently have only Mod 2s in the two front and single center channel (no rear yet) mated with the Super 8 subwoofer. The room is 20′ wide by 18′ deep by 18′ tall (two story). These things have no problem filling the room (and most of the house) with sound. I continue to be impressed. Go get them!

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