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The Solar Tree – Backyard Green Power Generator

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Solar panel has another evolution to a “Solar Tree”, a concept by Gurdeep Sandhu. This concept is pretty awesome, because beside harnessing the power of sun rays to power up your life, you’ll get a good shade at your backyard below the Solar Tree.


Solar Tree is basically foldable and has a swing-out panels. So when the hot sunny day comes, I can push up the solar panel to get electricity supply for my home while I am doing my BBQ under the shade provided by the Solar Tree.


Hmmm… Very interesting concept idea and a good daydreaming of mine! :)

Solar Tree is practically movable, so you can bring this 16 square meters solar panels with you, let’s say to your Villa above the mountain, or to the beach to power up some hip-hop music.

(via YankoDesign)

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