Valentine’s Day Party with Spin Me

You can either spend your valentine’s day alone with your lover or you can hold a couple-party for extra fun. This Spin Me Bottle will be suitable for all situation, the more people you have, the more fun it will be.


We’ve all played Spin the Bottle so what’s so great about this version? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a bit naughty. Interested? You should be because Spin Me is one of the most entertaining, provocative, phwoar-blimey games we’ve played in ages.

The idea is to place the elegant ceramic bottle on its side and give it a twirl. When the bottle stops, whoever it’s pointing at must pull out one of several ‘Adventure Strips’ and perform the required task.

THe required tasks are include pillow fight, tickling, and even leaning for a random kiss. You can absolutely add more naughty tasks by manually print it from your computer, but you should watch out for something that is ‘over the limit’ 😉

Well, at least with this Spin Me bottle, you’ll have a good time with your lover and friends for a reasonable price at £22.95 only.

(via CoolestGadgets)

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