Valentine Gifts Idea for Boys


I know it’s a bit late to write a gift idea at this time, but this post would be useful even for years to come. It’s about 6 days to the World’s most romantic day – the Valentine. So it think there’s still a time for getting a better gifts to your lover.

This guide is for you (girl) who want to try to make your boyfriend feeling good. Basically, boys are not a bunch of ‘sensitive’ creature that won’t fall for a flower or chocolate. But they will in for something they’ve dream for long.

Flower or chocolate only useful as an additional gifts to let them know that they are in the Valentine mood. You still need something else as the main ‘ingredient’ to set your man’s attention on fire (I assume only girls will read this part :) ) this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Gifts Idea for Boy with Gamer type


If you have money to spend and have a wealthy of Love to your other half, give them a console of their dream (In case he doesn’t have it yet) such as:

  • PlayStation 3
  • XBox 360
  • Nintendo Wii

Those three freaks above are the dream of gamers who ever live in this planet. Beside that, they are certainly affordable than purchasing a high-end computer that cost more than $2000+ as a Valentine gift. That’s way too unaffordable in this recession year.

You might also consider to have a mobile type of console, such as:

  • PSP
  • Nintendo DS

Why consider a mobile console? Well, if you want to let your boyfriend stick to you all the time while he can have his own fun, this type of console is the right choice.

Valentine Gifts Idea for Boy with Workaholic Type


This type of boys are very addicted to work and spend most of their time sitting and working endlessly (when not flirting with you, of course). So if you can find something useful to support their work flow and ease their pain, they will consider you as a God sent Girlfriend! :)

Here is my idea:

  • Netbooks – e.g. HP Mini 1000
  • Massage Cushion
  • Smartphone – e.g. HTC Touch Diamond
  • Multi-Function Keyboards – e.g. Logitech Cordless Wave
  • Desktop Cup Warmer
  • Digital Photo Frame


Netbooks and Smartphones as a gift is understandable since they can use them to fasten their workflow. But what the heck with the message cushion, Keyboards and Cup warmer?! Well, I’m a pretty workaholic myself, so I understand my needs more than everyone else. :)


Massage cushion will allow me to have a relaxation when taking a small break between project to project. Relaxation is very important to increase the concentration, so it’s great to get a massage chair as a gift for your workaholic boyfriend!

How about the keyboard? keyboard as a gift might sounds weird, but working on a laptop or netbook is sometimes a pain-in-ass. Since the built-in keyboard is pretty small, we are forced to pinch our finger tighter than the usual and away from our natural fingers posture.


Multi-function Keyboard such as Logitech Wave Cordless keyboard is a good keyboard for maximum ergonomic and comfortability (at least, that’s what I think). You can read all the yummiest specs and features but the most important thing is the feature of comfortable hand positioning which allow your lover to have a great time typing stuff.


The rest are Cup warmer and Digital Photo Frame. It’s just a little strategy to let your man keep thinking about you when sipping his warm coffee. Workaholic boys sometimes are so forgetful about their social life and lover. So, hopefully with a little picture reminder might make him feeling alive as a human, not as a working machine.

Valentine Gift Idea for Naughty Type


Okay, this one is troublesome but fun :)

I guess only something that sounds intimate and wildfun would probably become the best gift for them in Valentine’s Day. Some of my friends have a good array of naughty gadget gift ideas such as the following:


  • Busty Mouse Pad – Mouse pad with big breast!
  • RealTouch – Men’s Self-pleasuring gadget!
  • You (girl) in Naughty Knot
  • Whatever Fun at Thinkgeek Valentine’s Special Offers

Valentine Gifts Idea for Romantic Boys


Romantic soul love romantic stuff, so just think of anything that would build up their romantic mood and do it with them. Gift is an external object for them, but probably a “I Love You” Key chain or a heart shaped ice cube with arrow in his beverage would work for him.


Or if you are so passionate about your lover, the world’s best gift for him is nothing else but “yourself”! 😉

Well, that’s purely my personal opinions. Remember, your opinion is always welcomed and I’ll add your suggestion to this post if it’s really suitable for Valentine’s Gifts Idea for boy.

Next is the Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Girls, so stay tuned for the another crunchy gifts idea.

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  • To my girlfriend: I would like a Nintendo Wii and please wear a ribbon ONLY for tonight…pretty please…. :p

    • That’s is a good idea. 😉

      But asking for two gifts at a time sounds greedy! ;p

      Thanks for commenting, Chumpman! Hope you enjoy the content.

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