Valentine Gifts Idea for Girls


Most of girls that live on this planet love touchy stuff. That’s why Lovely flower and a box of Love shape chocolate could melt them entirely. 😉

Well, this article is made for boys, girls should read the girls only guide. The last article about Boys’ Valentine gifts, I separate them according the type of men. So, I’ll do the same by separating some of the most common type for girls and gift ideas that might work well with them. So let’s get the ball rollin’!

Uptown Girl Type


This type of lady need nothing luxurious since they have enough already! If your girlfriend is this type, there are two type of action you could take. First is to find something that’s very rare and expensive as the proof of your love, or you can get something meaningful that she can remember for her whole life.



  • Candle light dinner with some geeky twists
  • Made-by-Yourself Cake with Love Pattern
  • Duck Tape Flower to exchange for Laughter and Smiles! 😉

Valentine Gifts Idea for Sexy Girls


Probably you’ve read the boys guide and you’ll found the Naughty Knot for girls. Yes, that’s a good stuff if you really have sexy girl in your hug. But there is even more romantic idea and some funny twist such as:


  • The Candy G-String Underwear – Eatable with Fruit tastes
  • The Candy Bra
  • OhmiBod the help her feel her favorite music 😉
  • Super Sexy Lingerie that break heart, not the bank

The key is to let her enjoy her pride of being a sexy girl. :)

Valentine Gifts Idea for Bookworm Girl Type


Bookworm? Librarian girl is your lover? Okay, they love something knowledgeable. Although Flower and Chocolate will have a good emotion impact for her, you can still present something more intellectual to support their ‘brainiac’ or maniac passions on knowledge and books.

The best thing I could come with is Amazon Kindle 2, an e-book reader with up to 230,000+ contents available. That alone is enough the feed her brain for the entire century. But if she has it already, you can pretty much follow up with an bookends, bookmarks, night lamp reader or something that could help her organize the pile of books easily.

Or if you want your girl to away from her book and take a walk with you all day long, a T-Shirt like Life Shirt might be a romantic solution to let her stay beside you all the time.

Valentine Gifts Idea for Geeky Girl Type

Geeky stuffs are everywhere, so it’s very easy to find something unique for your lover if she is geeky enough.

The Best idea is to know what type of needs she is currently demanding and you’d just fill that gap. Instead of getting my own list, I would strongly recommend you to read my friends’ articles about gadgets gifts which has been nicely written:

Hope after reading them, you’d have a firm grip on what you should get for your girl now. Hurry because Valentine is 4 days left!

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