Conduit Concept Phone: Weirdness of Future?

I have seen so many phone concept and this concept is the weirdest phone concept I’ve even come across. Conduit concept phone looks like a heat pipe on my desktop’s motherboard, or looks like a gas pipe at my kitchen! :)


Conduit phone is actually a mobile workstation + phone designed by Korean cellphone company, SKY/Pantech. The concept telling us that the phone is a 3-in-1 mashup starting from a super high-tech PDA, a cellphone + camera and a removable slimline cellphone for super mobile person.


It’s too good to be true, right? If this kind of cellphone ever exist, nowadays smartphone will become the old school gadget.

The designer, Tirshathah Hunter concept the PDA to has a cool screen of roll-away flexible display and the slimline cellphone will become the stylus for the screen. The only disadvantage on this concept is the Slimline cellphone. There is no keypad available for texting, so you can use it for voice call and texting is nearly impossible (except using voice commands).


(via DVice)

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