Mark My Time Digital Bookmarks

Mark-My-Time is a digital bookmark, yep, that’s what the headline saying. But if I don’t tell you upfront, you may have thought differently after looking at the following picture:


It looks more onto a wristwatch with cheap plastic material. Yes, It’s a retro-style with colorful appearance, but it’s not a wristwatch, once again.

Mark-My-Time provide several features and served as an “extraordinary” bookmark. It’s more an educational tool rather than just a bookmark. It will helps parent to control their children learning progress by setting up a time-range/countdown timer in the bookmark.

The bookmark provide digital clock, too. So it’s kind of like a wristwatch but you can’t wear it on your wrist. You can have this Mark-My-Time for a very affordable price actually. It’s only $9 and you can find it at the

(via TechPin and BoingBoing)

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