LG Intros Solar Powered Cell Phone

LG has stepped in to the eco-friendly market by launching their first solar powered cell phone at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. Perhaps it’s one of the movement to the greener future by LG.


Since Life’s Good is not enough, LG stated in their new commitment that “Greener Life” is what make life’s good! To sums up, LG means for a better “Life’s Good When it’s Green”.


This LG Solar powered cell phone have a large solar panel behind the cell phone. Or to be exactly, it’s right on the battery cover to harness the sun energy to empower your cell phone.

A mere 10 minutes direct sun rays will provides up to 3 minutes of call time. Pretty sure it’s a good life saver gadget for emergency situation. I’m just wondering if I can use a Bright Flashlight to recharge the cell phone at night so I can have an emergency call at night, too! Well, it’s something questionable. :)

More info about LG Solar Powered Cell Phone can be found at their press release. Pricing and availability still unknown. But if you really in need of a solar powered solution, you can browse our Solar Gadgets or Solar Chargers archive to find one. I have reviewed many solar powered gadget and charger here. So it’s take your time finding your stuff. 😉

(via Coated – Gadget Authority)

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    Cell Phones cause cancer so its real good that lg is coming out with a solar powered cell phone not just because cell phones cause cancer ,but also because its a green idea.

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