LG Xnote P510 Laptop with Strong GeForce GT 130M Graphic Card

LG is new in laptop market, but their recent release of their high-end laptop is pretty notable. Their high-end laptop, LG Xnote P510-UP98K laptop is powered by strong CPU and GPU with sufficient RAM and multimedia features.


The CPU is Core 2 Duo with 2.93GHz clock speed and powered by GeForce GT 130M graphic card which is the latest of its series. 4Gigs of DDR3 RAM and the hybrid system that provide storage of SSD as large as 64GB and 500GB HDD. Pretty much you can store lots of junk into this ‘super’ laptop. Check out the following for the video demonstration:

The color combination (but not mixed) of black inside with full white case cover at the outer side is really cool. LG Xnote P510 laptop also has a LED lighting effect at the Power button and four edge of the trackpad (it’s invisible when shut off) and a unique rubber keyboard for typing convenience.

No words about the pricing and when LG Xnote P510 Laptop will hit US market.

(via PCLaunches)

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