Piece of Cake – Really Piece of Cake!

There is a popular expression phrase called “Piece of Cake” means “Easy” or “No Problem”. The designer cleverly mix this expression phrase with their new kitchen tool that sound exactly like the expression and it has double meaning on it.


You might have figure out the double meaning behind the piece of cake tool just by looking at the picture. Well, let me clear it up, it’s mean “easy” and “Piece of Cake”. You can easily use this kitchen gadget to cut a piece of tasty cake. Just cut down, pull back a little and twist it 90 degree to obtain the cake, then grab some plate or pan and slap the cake down.

There are several lovely colors available: Cream, Green, Red, White and Yellow for only $25 at CharlesandMarie. Wanna grab a piece of cake now? :)

(via WooHome)

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