SoundShelf Concept for Home a Double Duty Gadget

SoundShelf is a combination between sound system gadget and a shelf / furniture of our home. It’s indeed a bright and brilliant idea since most of us enjoy reading book while hearing some nice tune of music. Beside it will be helpful for us to digest the book content well, music can help us relax at any moment you preferred.

There are two type of SoundShelf concept design according to designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz. First is the book shelf and second is a CD/DVD shelf.



This concept design will help us save most of our home’s space by mixing two furniture/gadget together (similar to Speaker Shelf). It’s very stylish and I would have one of them for my home if I can buy the physical product (still a concept now)! :)

(via WooHome, Freshhome and GearCrave)

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