Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 cooler by Arctic Cooling

If you follow the news of the latest GPU system, you will know that we have a multi-GPU core for our graphic card now. The main problem for graphic card is always about the “heat” problem. Lately, Arctic Cooling presented a cooling solution for the dual-GPU graphic card such as AMD’s Radeon HD4870 X2. The name is Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 cooler. Here is the snapshot of this cooler:


It has a big dimension of 295 (L) x 96 (W) x 54 (H) mm and features several cool features such as:

  • Extreme cooling performance up to 320 Watts
  • 3 ultra quiet 92mm PWM fans with low noise impeller
  • Efficient heat dissipation via 8 heatpipes
  • Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
  • RAM and voltage regulator cooling
  • Pre-applied MX-2
  • Crossfire compatible

Extreme Cooling Performance

Outstanding cooling comes from outstanding components. The Accelero XTREME 4870X2 is equipped with three 92mm PWM fans running from 1,000 to 2,000 RPM, generating 81 CFM airflow which allows the fans to remove the heat from the two GPUs efficiently. The eight-heatpipe design also improves heat dissipation and achieves 320 Watts cooling capacity. The result is significant – the GPU temperature is 50°C lower than with the stock cooler. This enhances not only the overclock performance, but also extends the service life of your valuable graphics card.

Quiet cooling guaranteed

By using the low noise impeller and patented fan holder, the three 92mm PWM fans are incredibly quiet. Also thanks to the PWM function, the fans run just at necessary speed while offering sufficient cooling at the lowest noise level. Even running at full speed 2,000 RPM, the Accelero XTREME 4870X2 operates almost in silent with only 0.5 Sone of sound, creating a much quieter gaming environment beyond anyone’s imagination.


Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 comes with a pre-applied thermal paste so you have no need to buy a separate thermal pastes for the cooling purpose. Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 is backed by 6-years manufacturer warranty for user peace in mind.

Accelero Xtreme 4870X2 will be available starting this March for €53.95 (around $68+).

(Source: Arctic Cooling)

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