Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display

Vibrating bluetooth bracelet is an old idea by BluAlerts with their own Vibrating Wristband. Check out the link just now if you want to know what I’m talking about.

Basically it’s a good gadgets for the busy you to notice incoming calls to your cell phone. You just need to bond the bracelet with your cell phone together via the bluetooth option.


Like I’ve said just now, it’s an old concept but get updated by Chinavasion – the popular gadget mashup-er merchant. Here is the comparison of both Brecelet and BluAlert Wristband:


The update is on the LCD Screen which is not exist in the first place. With this new feature attached, it takes the bracelet a step further by displaying caller id information + the vibration to let you know someone is calling you. Now you can decide to receive or not to receive the call because you know who’s calling.

Well, not too shabby. For a $26 gadget, this worth the price. Check out more image and specs at Chinavasion if you found this interesting.

(via Coolest Gadgets, OhGizmo)

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