Beingz Lamp: The Touch and Sound Sensitive Lamp

This UFO guy is not a real Alien invaders, but a friendly companion for your lonely desktop. Beingz is a Lamp, not an extraterrestrial Alien gadget.


Beingz is touch sensitive, which mean if you touch them, knock it, tap it, or even a gentle stroke would let Beingz change its illumination with soothing effects. Beingz Lamp also has an internal mic to listen to music that you are playing. Yes, Beingz will listen and dance, not physically, but visually using its own unique illumination skills.

Beingz is available in several soothing color such as Magenta, Yellow and light green. Pricing is vary between $37 to $39.99 and you can find this friendly little Beingz Lamp at Amazon.

(via Walyou)

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