Multi-Duty Plug and Play Table: Shelf, Charger and Night Lamp

Things that have more than 1 functionality always a good thing to safe space and money. These “Plug and Play tables” are the best table design to save you more money, and hide the ugly wall sockets’ face away using the shade of the table.


There are two type of “Plug and Play” table. First is the one with lower dimension that provides up to 3 other socket at the desktop, and the other design is to have a shelf for your books and a night lamp for your dark room.

Design by Sung-Pil Hwang and the Nothing Design Group, the tables have a unique one leg style with the other side end with a power plug. clever, but you have to make sure that your power socket is strong enough the hold the burden of the table.

More info: DVice, CG.

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