Site Update: Daily Deals Now Available

Hi there! I going to do a little announcement about our site update. Starting tomorrow, HardwareSphere will start offering daily deals on gadget and hardware to help you save more money on your purchase from several reliable merchants.

The deal section will appear if you subscribe to our special Daily Hot Deals feed. So for you who have subscribe to our Main RSS FEED, please rest assure as you won’t see any single deals content appear in your google reader again! :)

The main rss feed will focus on delivering to you the hot news and reviews excluding deals category. There are three subscription options available at the Subscribe page. So choose which one that suitable for you.

Another announcement is that we are going to team up with the coolest Price Comparison Engine, in the upcoming week. Pricegrabber has a great comparison engine and I can make sure this new feature in Hardware Sphere will help you save more money and time on stuff you want to buy.

Primarily, it will be placed in the deals section. But I plan to include them in the gadget review section to help you compare prices. Well, I will make an announce for it when I have fully set them up.

Okay, let the Hardware news roll in again! :)

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