Portable Toaster is a Cool Looking Finger Killer

Probably you have a toast every morning and you will notice that the toast is not perfectly toasted using the conventioanal device. Now you are granted the tool to have perfect toast in every edge of your bread.

Just hover it onto your bread, slowly move the position to wherever you like and you’ll get your bread toasted in minutes.


Chance are, most likely you’ll also get your fingers burned/toasted by this portable toaster as it have no protection at all. Another downside is you have to toast the bread face by face. Not toasting them at the same time like your old toaster do.


But it is a good tool for those who love to use new stuff and methods to treat their daily life. No word about what type of power source to produce the heat, and no word when this concept of portable toaster to be materialize!

(via Coolest-Gadgets, concept by Been Kim)

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