Sound Eggs by Ilshat Garipov: Tilting Doll 2.0

Sound Eggs, my impression of the modern Tilting Doll or Tilting Doll 2.0. It’s not a doll actually, it’s a speaker that looks like an egg with interesting positioning.


I’ve been sold by the off-center weighted bottom with the cones pointed to the user and there seems no support at all in the surrounding. When you play music with Sound Eggs, you will expect for a fun shaking cones that appear like the following:

Sound Eggs - Shake it, shake it!

Sound Eggs - Shake it, shake it!

I wonder how is the sound like! Looks fun enough since it won’t roll out anywhere. Sound Eggs is a bluetooth driven speaker system. Which mean there is no cable needed for the operation. Just switch it on, tune some music and you’ll have fun with this new twist of desktop speaker. To bad, there is no future information about the internal specification. Such as what type of battery, rechargeable or not, how long is the play time, or how powerful the sound and quality is.


Well, it’s just a concept, though, but I hope this stuff become real as it looks so unique and special!

Great job, Ilshat Garipov!

(via YankoDesign)

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