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Shuttle XPC D’VO D1000 Gets 7-inch LCD Treatment

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Shuttle released yet another cool Mini PC called Shuttle D’VO D1000 with a cool 7-inch LCD beneath the media drive bay.


It’s a real breakthrough amongst all mini PC manufacturer and it’s the first Desktop mini PC that have a built-in display for direct control of your media center. Other cool feature is that you can use the 7-inch LCD as a secondary display unit similar to mimo or Samsung SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame.

Shuttle D’VO D1000 is powered by Quad Core Processor (yes, Quad core despite of the small form factor), maximum of 4GB RAM support, 750GB Hard drive (not SSD yet) and 5.1 channel audio for surround system. The only downside is Shuttle D’VO D1000 doesn’t comes with a dedicated graphic card (integrated video card on the mainboard). So it’s not suitable for gaming purpose or high-end 3D animator.

The basic pricing start at $999.99 and above for higher specs.

(via ChipChick)

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