14-Karat Gold Plated Knuckles Mug

Last time I saw a funny mug called punch mug that is useful for office fighter and coffee sipper. To bad, I missed the trend and not mention it here. But now I’ve got the alternative, and it’s cooler because it’s GOLD plated!

It’s not the whole mug plated with 14-K Gold, only the knuckles handle that got the bling-bling treatment. There is something special in this design, if you compare it with the last punch mug:


The knuckles handle seems to be in the reverse position, which force you to hold the mug in a reversed position! So the position is your palm in contact with the mug while your fingers jabbed into the knuckles handle. Seems inconvenience and I think it’s not the best coffee mug if you want to drink hot coffee with it!

This gold plated knuckles mug is available in three basic colors (black, white and red) and you can grab it for $98 a pop at APlusRStore.

(via CoolBuzz and BallerHouse)

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