Diver-Alert: WP-V1 Waterproof Case for Canon VIXIA HF20 and HF200

Diver freaks, here is your cool addons, WP-V1 Waterproof case for underwater recording with your Canon VIXIA HF20 or HF200 flash memory camcorder!


WP-V1 Waterproof Case is sure an ultimate addons for your camcorder if you want to do a deep sea video shooting. The frame is compact enough and made from light-weight material. WP-V1 Waterproof Case can resist and work great until the depth of 130 feet, so go no deeper than that limit.


If you think it’s a great stuff for you, WP-V1 Waterproof Case will be available this May with price a whopping $600. Well, if you’ve got some money to burn, I’ll let you know when it has become available.

(via Woohome)

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