iSkin Solo FX – The Chic and Glamour iPhone 3G Case

Most of the people who have iPhone in their palm should have known that the best case for their iphone is actually the iPhone itself. No need for other additional skin since the original case is sturdy and cool enough.

But for you who feeling not enough with the original style could always have a second choice to dress up your iPhone 3G. Especially with a chic looking and glamour style of iPhone 3G case, such as this new iSKin Solo FX!


iSkin Solo FX have a non-slip enchanced surface to help you grip your iPhone 3G confidently. The skin is very flexible and you’ll have all of your access to the iPhone feature such as the dock port, the camera, or the headphone jack. In the package iSkin Solo FX also comes with an unique mirror film (for solo FX only) as your solid protection for the screen without any extra charge (similar to iSkin Revo2 ViSOR).


More feature could be found at iSkin site. iSkin Solo FX is only $32.99 and can be paired with their popular revoClip by adding extra $15.

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