Hackintosh Jr. Casemod: a DIY Mac Mini

With the latest hot trend about the upcoming Mac Pro mini, I’ve seen some pictures (fake and “real?”) about it. But I guess some of the enthusiast just can’t wait any longer and go ahead to create their own DIY Mac Mini!


This cool casemod is not actually a Mac Pro, it’s just a chic looking creation by Modder Widefault. The name is Hackintosh Jr. built from sheet of aluminum and hand-shaping mesh. The Specification is not too shabby. It features an Intel Core Duo T2500, Seagate hard drive (laptop size 2.5″) Wi-Fi, etc.

Casemod always looks good, but doesn’t mean it could be the substitution of the new Mac Mini! But overall, it’s nice casemod and I would also try to make one if something wrong with the release of the new Mac Mini. :)


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