mLani – New Wireless FPS Game Controller for PS3

PS3 gamers, be happy of this new FPS Controller for your PS3! Most of us who love to play FPS game would find the gaming experiences decrease when we play them on our console. But not again, because we have this mLani Wireless controller that specially made for FPS game for PS3. Check out for the picture below:


Their wireless FPS control system for the PS3 drops in about 90 days, but other than that, the details are scant. It pretty much looks like a Wii nunchuck and a mouse. I wonder how this’ll hold up with Killzone 2… (

Beside using on your PS3, you can also turn it into your PC mouse and become your joystick. Check out the wireless controller if you need them at mLani official site.

(via Albotas)

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  • Thor

    This is completely stupid, because any console game uses slight auto aim and a bigger range hit spot than the pc versions do. This stuff would only make sense, if game devs incude an option to switch those aiming helpers off.

    • Hi, Thor. Well, auto aim somehow decrease the fun for me. But it’s purely on gamer’s side. What kind of gaming experience the gamer choose to feel and taste is completely on their freedom.

      But I can’t agree with you if you say it’s completely stupid because you still can use it as your PC mouse and so on if you dislike the feature for your PS3! :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Neil

    Actually, most games DO include the option of taking the aim helping feature off… and even if they didn’t this would have little to no bearing on this device.

    In fairness though, these devices shouldn’t even need to be made…. it’s about time people grasped the concept of a keyboard and mouse being the DEFINITIVE way of playing FPS games (no exceptions) so that Sony and M$ could make them standard in every game. But no… we have to stick with inaccurate joypads with assisted aiming and large hitboxes because of the neanderthal nature of the typical console gamer.

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