Don’t by Djordje Cukanovic – Jake-in-the-Box 2.0

This is one beautiful concept done by Djordje Cukanovic. It’s a jake-in-the-box 2.0 by him but it’s not a toy. The name of this cool concept is Don’t – a Lamp based on a light + water + some fake snowflakes.


It’s (NOT) a Jack-in-the-box that uses light and mesmerizing reflective properties of water along with fake snowflakes and aluminum pieces. Snow globe of the future perhaps?”

— by Radhika Seth @YankoDesign


According to Djordje Cukanovic, “Don’t” is inspired by children’s games the box of surprises and snow ball (or what we known as jack-in-the-box). The Lamp is a light bulb based, filled with water and aluminum pieces to pretend as snowflakes since it can reflect the light.

A gentle touch of the bulb, makes the spring bender and swing for a certain period of time. Inside the light bulb there are fine, very light peaces of aluminium and fake snow that, thanks to the movements of the spring, start floating in the water, reflecting the light in unpredictable ways.

— by Djordje Cukanovic @Behance

More images are available at YankoDesign. Also, come and appreciate Djordje’s works at Behance network.

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