Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray – For the Nerds Only

Feeling nerds enough in your community? Then show more of your “Nerdity” using this cool PI symbol Ice Cube Tray as your beverages coolant!


When hosting the next soirée at your geek bachelor pad you’ll need the proper equipment to ensure success. All three major gaming consoles, a flat screen over 40″ wide, a well trained dungeon master, a complete Star Wars action figure collection, and a fully stocked liquor cabinet are a must. But how about ice?

You were planning to use that standard vaguely cubical stuff?… or worse the boring half-moon shape your fridge churns out? Well fear not intrepid nerdy party planner!

ThinkGeek is here with the geekiest ice you’ll ever find… Pi ice! Yep these stylish silicone ice trays cast frozen H2O into the symbol for your favorite irrational number. The chicks will swoon when you hand them a drink filled with Pi ice, and Archimedes will give you a big thumbs up for your tasty Pi Jello shots.

You can also check out Thinkgeek’s Special recipe for Nerds only (below), guaranteed to blast your brain! :)


It’s a kitchen gadget similar to AK47 bullet ice tray, this Pi Symbol Ice cube tray also hold up to 12 PI mold. Just pour water in, freeze it and it’s done! Alternatively, you can also use it to hold other stuff than ice cube (pudding, ice creams, butter, etc).

PI symbol Ice Cube tray is only $8.99 only at Thinkgeek!

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