Seagate Intros 6-Gbits/s SATA for 2011

Until today, the fastest transfer rate for rotating disc drive (HDD) is still at the 3Gbits/s under the SATA II interface. This fact will change and improve around this 2011 as Seagate has introduced to us their latest technology of 6-Gbits/s SATA which targeted to use on SSD drive.


Currently, SATA uses a 3.0-Gbit/s interface, which should satisfy the throughput requirements of hard drives until 2011, when that channel will become saturated and the 6.0-Gbit/s interface will truly be needed. But the SATA-IO Working Group and the industry has traditionally built in enough overhead into the interface to allow the industry time to prepare, said Marc Noblitt, senior marketing I/O development manager for Seagate.

— by Mark Hachman @ExtremeTech

According to the expert, 6.0-Gbit/s interface is only possible for SSD that fully operated by flash memory, and it also allow the drive to save more power although it has the doubled speed. It seems the rotary hard drive will extinct as soon as this technology become popular. And one thing for sure is Seagate will because the leader in this field while other will follow their step.

(source: ExtremeTech)

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