Silicon Power unveils 64GB Flash Drive

Silicon Power has joined our Godzilla forces of 64GB flash drive by introducing theirs, with more features to add and faster transfer rate.


Silicon Power 64GB flash drive has one irresistible benefit because it comes with dual interface to connect to your PC. What’s dual interface? eSATA and USB through a mini USB 2.0. Picture above is the eSATA connector, while the mini USB is at the other side.

As we have known, USB 2.0 provide up to 60 MB/s read and write at 48 MB/s. Now with eSATA interface, the transfer rate is boosted to 90MB/s and 30 MB/s.

A significant increase in reading time. But Silicon Power 64GB flash drive has one disadvantage. The USB interface is using mini USB 2.0, which result in a huge drop ins read (30MB/s) and write (25MB/s).

Pricing still not available, but pretty much will be around $100 or let’s hope it below 100 bucks.

(Source: Silicon Power)

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