Samsung Haptic Pop SCH-W750 Touch Phone

Samsung has another cool touch phone launched in Korea last few days. It’s a really funky touch phone labeled as Haptic Pop SCH-W750 mobile phone, with a 3.2-inch touch screen display capable of viewing up to 240×432 screen resolution.


Samsung Haptic Pop SCH-W750 also have a 3MP camera, integrated TV Tuner, bluetooth connection, support HSDPA network, and a microSD slot for expansion.

The most interesting spot on this Samsung Haptic Pop SCH-W750 is the case design. There are handful of funky designs which is very suitable for nowadays boys and girls.


Read more about Samsung Haptic Pop SCH W-750 at Samsung site.

(via iTechNews)

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  • leejihyun

    how much is this phone?

    • It seems there is no pricing yet. Will inform you later with our latest post (if available). Thanks for stopping by!

    • xAnnex

      the price is $380.

      • Pris

        Hey there, how do I purchase it from Singapore?

  • jansen

    Will this be released in America? When?

    • Not sure about that either. I do hope it will be released outside of Korea since it looks interesting and cheerful. But not further information about it. Perhaps people should go to Korea to buy it…

      • ichisen

        if I buy it in Korea, will it work outside the country?
        It is Tri-band GSM so it should possibly work.

      • Hi Ichisen,

        I can’t make any promise. That is a question that you must ask to the merchant in Korea (where you are going to buy it). Do the cell phone unlocked for international GSM network or not? or Can it support your Local SIM card? or something else…

      • ichisen

        Thanks for the reply Ken!
        I’ll take chances, i asked someone in korea to acquire it for me. I’m thinking now if the phone have ENGLISH language in the language setting. It will be difficult for me if it doesn’t have that option since I can’t speak or read korean. Do you have some more additional infos regarding the phone?

      • Hi ichisen, I can’t make sure about that either. But usually a cell phone would have their own multilingual text display and we can change the text to english. It’s better for you to ask it to the vendor selling this cell phone for more detail! :)

        Thanks for commenting.

  • is it available in Korea only?? awww… i want to have this kind of phone.. i wish.. it’ll be released in the Philippines as well 😀

  • gelai

    i’m just wondering if this phone will work here in the philippines..
    i’m totally addicted to it..

    • ichisen

      oh i’m not sure if it will work in the Phils but it is a GSM network so maybe it will. i gave up on this phone coz it might not work at my location so i just got me a samsung omnia i900 made in Korea too.

  • Jong

    im korean and have this mobile
    haptic pop is only in korea, but theres a way to use in other countries with magic SIM
    I wanna sell this mobiles cuz i can get them here, email or contact me on msn

    [email protected]

    • jeni

      what do u mean by “magic sim”?
      where can be bought?
      can i use it in indonesia??

      thx before…

  • parkeunjoo

    uhmm,,i’m just curious… do they have the plan to sell this outside korea???

    ..if were going to buy it in korea,how much is it??
    ..hope it is multilingual so it can be changed in english language!
    i’m looking forward to have this kind of phone!!!
    since its case can be changed,,then how much is the case??
    thank you!

    • janelle andrea

      how much do u sell it??

  • janelle andrea

    I want this phone so0o0o BAdly!!:(( is this available now in U.S???

  • mdthegreat

    do they plan to sell it outside of korea??i wish they really do!!its addictive!!!if not im going to KOREA!!!

  • leen

    hope it’ll be released in indonesia too..

  • rachelle anne

    when will this phones come to the philippines?

  • Rebecca

    If anyone is selling this phone please let me know! I really really want it. My email is [email protected]
    Thank you!!!

  • azylza

    plz someone tell when will this phone sell in malaysia….really can’t wait….

  • Yoon Hyo Rin

    I hope this phone will be released in America soon it looks so pretty and cheerful ^^~

  • dashni

    if anyone is selling a phone please let me know through my email adress is dashker555

  • Shila

    Hi… i want to know , is this phone sold in malaysia…?? i want this phone so badly..please email me if there is any .. [email protected]

  • Nklee06

    Please lmk if I can get this to or in America. Email me at [email protected] please. Thanky ou.

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