Stunning PC Case Mod: A Great Pyramid Tower!

Check out this coolest PC Case Mod by polo360x from the Techpowerup forums. It’s a Great Pyramid Tower PC case design with laser cut aluminum frame and a crystal clear glass covers:


It’s certainly a stunning PC case mod and it’s absolutely state of arts. It make my favorite Half-life 2 PC Case mod turn into nothing as cool as this Pyramid PC Case Mod. The specification of this PC Mod is as follow, if you are interested to build the same power house (without the custom made Pyramid, of course) click on each link to check the price at our shopping channel:

It will probably take up to $1,000+ to build the PC with the specification listed above (without the LCD monitor, keyboard, and so on)


The most interesting spot for me is the top of the pyramid. It gives a sense of mysterious feeling to my nerves, and the glowing blue basement that looks like an Alien space ship or something similar.

You can find more image gallery at TechpowerUP forum. (Thanks to FatGadget for the News Tip!)

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