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TV Stand that Doubles as Home Theater System

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This TV Stand is designed in a compact size while they have already squeezed a 6.1 Home Theater System into the frame. So when you place your HDTV to the provided space above, you’ll be able to directly connecting the sound system to it.

Onei Solutions 6.1 Home Theater System has a convenience design, complete with a LCD screen as the control center. You will find a built-in amplifier and several HDMI and Optical Digital Audio connections. You’d also find an empty space below the home theater system, where you can place your Blu-ray player, Satellite Receiver, PlayStation 3, and so on.

The TV stand itself could handle the weight of a 52″ LCD/HDTV. 2 Things for one price, no wonder this TV Stand will cost you £385.99 if you get it at Dabs.

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