Giant 8TB NAS by Western Digital!

Western Digital has a new boy in their ShareSpace NAS family. It’s the ShareSpace with total of 8TB of storage capacity which will available around the end of this week. At the first sight, you will be fooled by the appearance of this ShareSpace, if you never met one before.


It looks like a small desktop refrigerator, something like this micro size cool fridge, but it isn’t. It’s a NAS or what we call them Network Attached Storage similar to LG N4B1 NAS, HP Media vault mv2120 or Maxtor Central Axis.

It always seems so “tasty” for me to look at a large NAS / Network Attached storage, 8TB is something that can blow a certain geek away to the sky. I can imagine lots of crazy stuffs to do with such a HUGE storage room. Maybe couple thousands of porns, Movies, Hardcore Games, Millions of musics, or billions of documents/ebooks can stuff in!

Western Digital ShareSpace 8TB NAS comes with a bunch of cool features which you can digest it at WD official site, but let me just name a few of them here:

  • Gigabit Ethernet connection for fast network data transfer
  • DLNA certified – No more things to set up
  • RAID capability – Offers multiple RAID configurations for data protection and speed — RAID 0 (Striped), RAID 1 (Mirrored) and RAID 5
  • WD ShareSpace can Stream digital media anywhere in your home
  • Automatic network backup software
  • Built-in FTP server
  • Cooler, quieter, eco-friendlier with Western Digital GreenPower


At the same time, large capacity always comes with a “large” or high price value. You’ll expect for $1,699.99 for the 8TB version. While you may find other smaller size, the “fun” has been decrease to a certain level. The 4TB is only $649 at our Shopping Channel, while 2TB is only $449.99.

The price for the 8TB is $1000+ higher than the 4TB version, which turning to 4TB WD ShareSpace has the best deal between all version.

But if you got some money to burn (read, spend), you should wait for the 8TB for more fun and for money to spend…

(Western Digital ShareSpace)

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