Petaminx Dodecahedral Puzzle – God Level Rubiks Cube

If you are an expert in solving rubiks cube, and want to taste how is the “God Level” of Rubiks cube puzzle, this Petaminx Dodecahedral puzzle will help you reach that goal!


There are total of 12 sides with two sides have similar color. Petaminx Dodecahedral puzzle built from 975 parts and 1,212 stickers on each small pixel cubes. The builder built this Petaminx Dodecahedral with up to 75 hours to finalize this God Level puzzle toy including the molding process.

Will anyone dare enough to take the challenge to solve the puzzle? It might take months, years, centuries decades, or even their entire life to solve this kind of puzzle…

(via Slipperybrick)

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  • alex

    i bet the if this gets out on the market… it will be solved within a year, and we’ll see it on youtube

    • Hi Alex, I guess it won’t be available in the market since it’s a handmade toy.

    • Tim

      It’s already been solved hundreds of times, many are already on youtube. And the website “” is planning on releasing a mass produced version within the year.

  • shua

    I could do it in a week. 8 hours a day.

  • Nathan

    who do I contact for information about this amazing contraption? my biggest question: how does it rotate?
    as a side thought, I have fairly poor eyesight, so does the mastermind behind this have a large version?

    • Hi Nathan. The founder is Jason Smith at, but I can’t find his contact detail. You may want to visit the site for more detail. Also check out his latest prototype – the Pentultimate.

  • Sell it on Ebay!

  • Michael

    This actually wouldn’t be as difficult to solve as it seems. The sides with more than nine units square are just as easy to solve as the standard ones. A dodecahedral puzzle would probably require different techniques than the standard puzzle, but once someone with patience figures it out I’m sure we’ll see speed solvers for this as well.

  • Vince

    Uwe Meffert should get on top of mass producing this bad boy.

  • aj

    the puzzle will be sold on ebay starting march 14th! im expecting it to go for at least 2500 bucks…

    • That’s good to hear. However, 2500 is sure a “Killer” price for a toy! I’m expecting it to go for around 100 to 200 bucks per toy. Well, let’s just wait for the 14th March!

  • ItDoesntReallyMatter

    haha 8 hours a day… you really would have to quit your job to solve that piece of plastic. it’d be enough work for me to just put the thing together. i’d love to see someone with enough patience and skill to pull this puzzle off.

  • it’s going on ebay march 12

  • Zirus

    There are already computer simulators that will simulate rubiks cubes with 4 sides with as many elements as you wish. There are also simulators for 4 dimensional rubiks cubes. Now THAT is mind twisting.

    • Yes, there some simulators for 4 sides cube. But no software simulator for something like this 12 sides cube with more than 1,200+ color cubes to match! :)

  • Hey Guys, Thanks for your comments and information, I think it will be fun if it really hit the market through eBay. Let’s hope it won’t cost a fortune to own this God level Kubrik’s Cube!

  • i wish i can do that

  • I can solve the gigaminx, i’ve solved the teraminx at a puzzle competition, a petaminx is a 9×9 basicaly.. ive solved a 7×7 in like 35 minutes. wont take me more than a few hours.

    we sold it for 3550$!! 😀

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